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The Delegate Voting Portal is a crucial component of the Solana RetroPGF Round 1, providing a transparent and streamlined platform where nominated projects are evaluated and voted on by designated delegates. This process aims to ensure that deserving projects within the Solana ecosystem receive the acknowledgment and funding they warrant.


What Delegates Should Know

Here, you'll find answers to common questions about Solana RetroPGF. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to ask.

Voting Timeline:

Voting will be open until Solana Breakpoint. During this period, delegates can thoroughly review, evaluate, and cast their votes for the nominated projects.

Project Evaluation:

Each nominated project will have a detailed profile available for review, encompassing their contributions, impact on the Solana ecosystem, and alignment with the program’s areas of focus (performance, security, developer ecosystem, governance, user experience, and adoption). This funding mechanism is about past contributions, so we ask you to vote based on proven impact more than future contributions.

Voting Mechanism:

The portal will utilize a quadratic funding voting mechanism. Delegates will be asked to rank projects by allocating 100 points.


Access to the Delegate Voting Portal requires an access code. Delegates will receive unique login credentials or a secure access link prior to the voting period.

Decision Transparency:

While individual votes will remain confidential, the overall results and voting statistics will be shared transparently with the community after the winning projects are announced.


Your vote significantly influences which projects receive funding and recognition. Engage actively in the process, meticulously evaluate the nominated initiatives, and make informed decisions that will contribute positively to the Solana ecosystem’s continuous growth and success.

For any technical issues, questions, or support during the voting process, delegates can reach out to team@openblocklabs.com or andrea@solana.org